Alma Accent Prime Radio Frequency Facial +

FDA approved Unipolar Radio Frequency – stimulates collagen production to lift, tighten & smooth skin & achieve a younger appearance.

Treatment Benefits

  • Stimulates new collagen production
  • Smooth wrinkles & fine lines
  • Lift, tighten & contour jawline & neck
  • Improve complexion
  • Helps to bolster the skin against future aging
Alma Accent Prime Facial

Many people notice that over time the skin on their face has lost its elasticity and firmness, leading to a saggy, age-worn appearance – or even – a very unwanted double chin.

Accent Prime ™ works on a mesh of collagen fibers, mobilizing them into action so that skin regains its elasticity and form. It also has the ability to significantly reduce fat around the neck and jawline.

Used in Harrods Urban Retreat, Selfridges & Bulgari Hotel, Alma AccentTM is non-invasive and helps tighten the skin. The treatment is also effective in reducing the appearance of pores and improving the condition of your complexion. Multiple clinical studies and thousands of satisfied patients have proven the Accent treatment’s effectiveness in tightening loose skin, promoting healthy collagen production and improving contours. Compared to other skin treatment systems, *you’ll see noticeable results faster.

4-6 treatments are recommended and last from *6 months to 2 years.



before and after image of alma accent prime facial treatment on chin and jawline
before and after shot of Alma Accent Prime Facial treatment on client of Marlow Face and Body


The recommendation for most people is a course of 6-8.  This depends on age, severity of your condition and what kind of results you are trying to achieve.

The course program recommendation is 6-8 treatments and you need to have them every 1-2 weeks.

The results should last up to 2 years if you have maintenance treatments every 6 weeks after the course of treatments.

An Alma Accent facial feels like you’re lying under a heat lamp.  It is not painful and most clients enjoy the warming sensation.  The temperature of your skin reaches between 40 to 42 degrees centigrade.

Alma Accent focuses the treatment at multiple depths which allows for greater treatment control and better results – leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.  During a facial where the goal is to tighten and lift the skin, the unipolar radio frequency targets the dermis, which works on a mesh of collagen fibers, mobilizing them into action so that skin regains its elasticity and form.


“I read about Alma Accent facials in Harper’s Bazaar and started getting them at Harodds Urban Retreat Spa. When I moved to Marlow, I was so happy to see they have it at Marlow Face & Body. I had a course of 6 facials at Harrod’s and maintain the results now at Marlow Face & Body (which is MUCH more affordable as well). I’ve stopped getting traditional facials and now Alma facials are my new regime as the results are much more dramatic, and help slow down the aging process. I love it!”


“My neck started to have loose skin and my jowls had become more noticeable in my 40’s. I had a course of 8 Alma Accent facials at Marlow Face & Body. The results are completely natural looking which is what my goal was. I think getting this every 6 weeks is the perfect solution to maintaining collagen in my face.”

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