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Our core mission is to ensure our clients get get the best results possible and have a relaxing and luxurious experience. We only use industry leading products and technology with clinically proven results from renowned and reputable companies. We encourage our clients to ask questions about the different brands of products and technology available on the market so they can be confident in Marlow Face & Body and trust they are getting the best treatments available.

COOLTECH® Fat Freezing

CoolTech® is a clinically proven brand of fat freezing technology that reduces stubborn areas of fat

  • Clinically proven up to 40% permanent fat reduction with each treatment
  • Suitable for men & women
  • Proven to have the same results as Coolsculpting®
  • Includes 2 areas with each treatment (eg. both inner thighs)
  • Virtually painless, non-invasive, no downtime
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Alma Accent Prime™ Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

  • Fat reduction & body contouring
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin tightening, smoothing & lifting
  • No downtime
  • Painless & no downtime
  • FDA approved
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Cryosculpting™ – Ultimate Body Contouring & Transformation Program

8 week body transformation program to reduce localized fat, contour shapes, reduce cellulite, tighten & lift skin.

CryosculptingTM  combines CoolTech® Fat Freezing and Alma Accent PrimeTM (both clinically proven technologies) to achieve:

  • Fat reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening

O-Shot® – Sexual Rejuvenation for women & men

Benefits for women

    • Intensify orgasms
    • Achieve & enhance arousal
    • Relieve urinary incontinence

    Benefits for men

      • Intensify orgasms
      • Achieve & enhance arousal
      • Increase length by up to 15%
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REVIV Wellness IV Infusions & Booster Shots

IV’s & Booster shots to help lose weight, improve sleep, replenish hydration, boost immunity, jet lag & hangover relief, & more.

Boost your body with REVIV Wellness booster shots and IVs for *100% absorption of essential and nutrients and fluid, water being said to be “the fountain of youth”.

  • Hydromax®  Hydration IV Therapy
  • Ultraviv® Recovery IV Therapy
  • Royal Flush® Deluxe IV Therapy
  • Megaboost® Wellness IV Therapy
  • Vitaglow® Anti-Aging – beauty IV Therapy
  • B12® Pure energery booster shot
  • Vitaboost® Glutathione® Ultimate antioxidant booster shot
  • Slim Boost® Weight loss & energy booster shot
  • CQ10+ Power fitness booster booster shot
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